About Us

The Internet offers an ideal way to discover the latest in alternative medicine treatments. Web sites can be updated at any time to keep up with new products, therapies and advances in the field, and now you have them from reliable sources, at your fingertips to research further without the aggravation of countless searches.

Unlike a search tool we have done the surfing, the time consuming research, and the hunt for you to excess webs within this web.  As you know searching can be quite time consuming, exhausting and frustrating in search for informative information (and the right information).

What you will learn is information from the experts in the fields of naturopath, holistic, integrative and natural medicine from prestigious and authoritative long-standing practices and sources from around the world. 

This site is not supported by advertisers or sells products that influence or bias our information. Therefore, you can be assured that this information is non opinionated, and is based on the long standing practices and research of leading authoritative experts in the field of holistic, natural medicine and integrative practices.


We recommend high quality product lines and invaluable information on how to purchase these products.   We give you backup references, documentation, studies, etc. You’ll also have access to doctors, clinics and facilities around the world that use these treatments, and sources for online consultations.

Our Mission:
To provide you with reliable up to date, and authoritative information on the topics that affect your health. We are concerned about the state of our healthcare and that of our non-healthcare services. We feel that it is imperative that consumers be made aware of natural remedies, and alternative methods which are vastly inexpensive and safer, when compared to pharmaceutical medications and conventional approaches.

Conventional physicians and pharmaceutical drugs are, and always will be, necessary for acute, emergency medical care and trauma, as well as for conditions that cannot be controlled with lifestyle changes, good nutrition and supplements. But many conditions can be prevented and controlled with lifestyle changes, and biologically based medicine.

Conventional physicians treat chronic diseases with expensive pharmaceuticals that may temporarily relieve the painful or uncomfortable symptoms, but the drugs do nothing to resolve the underlying cause, and usually cause other side effects and serious problems

Because nutrition affects our immune system, organ function, hormonal balance and cellular metabolism, many of these chronic conditions and diseases can be traced to a nutrition deficiency. When the deficiency is not corrected, symptoms begin to appear and eventually lead to disease and premature aging.

Because our chemically enhanced lives are making us weak, compromising our immunity, and our ability to live a healthy, energetic, long life…

Because our drugs, cleaning products, soaps and shampoos, air fresheners, deodorants, fast food, designer nutrients and recreational drugs are full of chemicals that are foreign to us, and they are making us sick!

Because our air, water and soil have been filled with the chemical by-products of industry, which were never meant for human consumption…

Because we worry and focus on the negative and not the positive...

Because we need to be reconnected with our heavenly source...

Because Nature has solutions for these problems – we have created this site…

We support a complete health plan focused on the whole person  - spirit – mind – and body, all of which is documented as our sources from prestigious organizations.   We have incorporated various approaches, techniques and methods to address, and answer to a variety of practices and remedies for the purpose of natural preventive medicine – natural corrective medicine and natural health maintenance – utilizing natural remedies to life’s most important item – YOU.  Our constitution is:

  • first things first

  • back to the basics

  • treat the cause and not the effect

AMAZING GRACEOUR CREATOR  has provided us with all of the healing nutrients that our bodies require...

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